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Science outreach is my passion.


Throughout my scientific career, I have always been committed to developing and inspiring effective science communication. 


As an undergraduate, I worked with students from pre-k to 4th grade on long-term classroom science projects related to understanding birds, gardens, and wetlands.


I've had opportunities to engage with adults and community college students by leading tours through the Colorado alpine.


My most recent roles in science education and outreach have included both formal and informal activities. In terms of formal events, I taught laboratory classes in botany, zoology, microbiology and introductory biology. Additionally, I wrote and published a teaching case study for the University of Buffalo National Center for Teaching Case Studies (In press).


In June 2016, I began working as a Science Communication Fellow with the Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, KS. During this time, I was trained in informal science communication best practices. This training has led me to develop communication skills through participating in events at local breweries, nursing homes, and in many public science events for diverse audiences. I've created models and games (as seen in the left panel photo) to help others conceptualize ideas and concepts in ecology. 


Currently, I am working with the Sunset Zoo and Han Yu of the Kansas State English Department to develop a graduate student training program focusing on writing for public audiences.





Supervising a middle school science event (Girls Researching our World)

Science Communication Fellowship ceremony at the Sunset Zoo.

Science on Tap presentation at Tallgrass Taphouse

STEM family fun night at the Flint Hills Discovery Center. Over 300 people attended this event.

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